Tragic loss inspires acts of kindness in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Acts of kindness are being performed by a local couple in the wake of loss.

“We’re out in the community doing random acts of kindness in honor of my son who died of a drug overdose. He’s been gone 10 years, it’s his birthday. So we’re going out, we’re giving away money, gift cards, things like that to honor him,” explains Georgia Bissonette.

Random Acts of KindnessShe and her husband Mike went out into the community, turning around the days of strangers while spreading awareness for a disease that steals lives and happiness from families of all shapes and sizes.

“We lose about 200,000 people a year to drug addiction, about every 10 or 11 minutes,” Georgia says. 

The duo handed out money for gas and gift cards, honoring their son Stevie and one of the four Lakota values, generosity.

“A random act of kindness, the Lakota way, we think of remembering our loved ones,” Mike adds. 

Despite their tremendous loss, their love for others remains strong. The couple continued on to Memorial Park to hand out lunch, expressing that hard times can fall on anyone, but the responsibility of compassion falls on all of us.

“We all need to be kinder to each other these days,” Georgia says. “People have kind of isolated and are mean, and being kind- kind of has a ripple effect and helps others. And I think we need to build awareness and not hang on to the stigma of addiction.”

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