TRADITION TRAVELING: Mount Rushmore visitors to national monument during holiday weekend

Some visitors of Mount Rushmore included those who make it a tradition to travel during Memorial Day Weekend.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll often find many people out on the road.

Some even make a tradition out of seeing sights while others made their way out to Mount Rushmore.

But what brought them?

“The Presidents. Abraham. No one else, just him,” said a joking Claudia Carrera, of Kansas City, Missouri.

“We wanted a weekend getaway, we wanted a road trip ’cause we are coming from Kansas City, Missouri,” explained Paula Carrera, her sister. “So it was 10 hours in the car but it was worth it.”

Others found it to be a happy accident that they ventured to Mount Rushmore on the special weekend, even for their special day.

“We’re on our way to Missouri, from California, so we’re just stopping along the way and it just happened that we were here on memorial day weekend and my birthday,” said Aisha Alese, a California traveler.

The weekend proves to be a great opportunity for exploring and getting out of the house. A way to get out and see the world. A true tradition.

“Every year,” Claudia said. “Basically whenever we can get away a little bit.”

“As soon as we get an extra day in the weekend, we normally leave the house,” Paula explained.

And there might not be a better way to go see the world than by RV’ing. Visitors packing up their lives and seeing the outdoors with the people they love.

We live in our RV, so we moved into it four months ago and then we just kinda go where family is and go where we’ve never seen and experience it with each other,” said Jacob Hiller, a RVer from California

A message of connecting with the outdoors and others that drives the exploration.

“It’s just so important to connect with people, so that’s the reason why we’re doing this,” Alese said. “It’s just to have some human connection and spread kindness.”

A tradition of people traveling together before celebrating together.

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