Toys and tidings of joy on people’s Christmas lists in the Rapid City area this year ahead of the big day


RAPID CITY, S.D.– As Santa Claus finishes his list and makes sure to check it twice, kids of all ages in Rapid City spoke about the gifts at the top of their Christmas lists.

The practical ones

Many children and adults visiting Main Street Square along with the ice rink listed off gifts they wanted that had a purpose. “My wish list has some ice fishing stuff,” visitor Andrew Harvey said. Harvey along with his kids Jackson and Bennett had sports gear on their mind as they prepare for activities in the new year. “Goalie gloves and soccer stuff,” Jackson revealed. Bennett had a more heavy-hitting gift in mind: a new baseball bat “It is an ADV,” he said, referring to the Easton two-piece model.

Ben Fichter, who operates the Wild West Pecan Company stand in Uptown Rapid has candy and supplies for his stand on his wish list. “I look forward to being able to give them out to everybody,” he said.

The fun gifts

Toys were also something that came up quite a bit from people out shopping and enjoying the day. Liam and his brother Teo had to take a minute to gather their thoughts, but revealed the gifts they were hoping for most. For Liam, he was set on a cowboy belt buckle, inspired by the oval-shaped pieces rodeo athletes wear. His younger brother Teo had a bit more lengthier list. “Dinosaurs with Roblox,” he said. “With some action figures.” His action figures of choice? Spiderman.

Royce from Belle Fourche had a VR set on his mind and was hoping to experience the interactivity of it that his friend had mentioned to him about. And at Uptown Rapid, Heston from out-of-state wanted a “wheelie car,” his words for what his parents explain was a remote controlled vehicle. “It is a car that does a wheelie,” he specified.

Of course, adults were also excited to reveal some of the fun things they had in mind. Rapid City resident Mary Miesen is especially hopeful this year to add a new device to her kitchen. “For two years now I have wanted a built-in espresso maker. I am hoping that this is the year is for it,” she said with a smile as her husband Bruce sat next to her, reminding her about the new patio set they had just gotten.

The long-lasting ones

Even with the requests for material items, many people also had more personal gifts on their mind. A common theme among these people was family. “To make sure that I provide a nice and warm Christmas for my daughter,” Pennington County Sheriff’s Office employee Anesha Morton said. “She loves to do art, so getting different art supplies. A better easel.” 

Ice skaters Beth, Kamryn, Karly, and April also had similar answers. “Being with friends and family, and hopefully everyone is safe, Getting to spend time together,” April explained.

The final component of that: health. Bruce Miesen emphasized that wish as he spoke on his plans to visit with his mother in California and daughter preparing to graduate from nursing school at South Dakota State University.

“I want to have everybody healthy and happy for the next year.”


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