Tornado confirmed in Gregory County, South Dakota

LUCAS, S.D. — It’s been confirmed by the Sioux Falls National Weather Service that at least one tornado touched down in south central South Dakota on Sunday.

The tornado occurred near the small town of Lucas in Gregory County as isolated rotating storms rolled through the area in the afternoon on June 30. Video of the tornado was captured by Jon Sperl.

The National Weather Service says the tornado appeared at about 4:24 p.m. and had estimated peak wind speeds of 74 mph. It drifted very slowly northeast to southwest for roughly 20 minutes according to eyewitness accounts.

No structural damage was reported, but there was some tree damage along a nearby shelter belt, as well as damage to a soybean field. No injuries were reported.

The storms also produced golf ball sized hail.

Additional storm cells that moved through the area later in the evening produced isolated heavy wind gusts that did damage to trees and power lines.


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