‘Torching of the Trees’ in Sturgis helps say goodbye to 2020

STURGIS, S.D. — Sturgis hosted a new event Friday night to say goodbye to 2020, while taking care of last year’s Christmas trees.

The Torching of the Trees was put on by the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce as a way to say goodbye to the previous year with bang.

All the Christmas trees that were dropped in the bins on Ballpark Road were gathered on the city’s north side for the bonfire.

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It was a great way for people to get rid of any bad vibes from 2020 by writing a goodbye message to the year, and committing it to the flame.

“It was different for everybody, and I think in traditions in the past, there’s been ways where you set stuff on fire and you let it go and let the air take it,” said Richelle Bruch, event coordinator. “I think this is something we can do and move forward, let the air take our bad vibes and frustrations of the past and move forward with the good.”

This is the first year for the Torching of the Trees event, which the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce hopes will become an annual tradition.

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