“Topping Out” Ceremony held at The Monument, Summit Arena

The completion of the steel framework at The Monument and Summit Arena was commemorated with a ceremony that celebrated the hard work of those who have worked on the project.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The structural framework of the monument is now complete.

This morning, a “Topping Out” ceremony was held at the Summit Arena to signify and celebrate the hard work construction workers have put into the project.

Construction members signed the last structure beam that was put into place, which also featured an evergreen, that traditionally serves as a good luck charm, and the South Dakota, U.S. And The Monument’s flags.

The Monument 6

The ceremony highlights the structural completion and implementation of the last support beam of the project but the finishing touches have yet to be completed.

“In this particular case, it’s the last structural member being put in place, so you know, it signifies the completion of the structural framing. However, there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be put in place after the framework is complete but again, this is just that milestone where we see that framing come into conclusion,” said Dave Richardson, the Senior Project Manager for Mortenson Construction.

Richardson also highlighted that 70 percent of the work volume was contracted by local developers.

Speakers at the ceremony included The Monument Executive Director, Craig Baltzer, Mortenson Sr. Project Manager Dave Richardson and Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender.

The 230,000 square foot arena is still on schedule to finish in late September.

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