Top young rodeo competitors show off skills in High School Showcase Rodeo

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Hundreds of high schoolers competed in the High School Rodeo at the Summit Arena on Sunday.

High School Rodeo ShowcaseIn order to compete, the competitors must have finished in the top 15 at the state finals and they only get to compete in one event. Samantha Ford from Mitchell competed in the team roping event.

“Team roping, you kind of have to work- you obviously have a partner and you kind of have to work together and communicate, and there’s so many people that you get to meet,” says Samantha. “We really haven’t roped a whole lot together but we’re just gonna go out there and do the best that we can,” 

But ask any competitor in high school or professional rodeo and it’s about much more than the sport.

“The biggest thing rodeo has taught me is that you can’t be afraid to go and talk to people,” Samantha adds. “I was very very very shy when I first started rodeoing when I was a freshman and now I can pretty much go up and talk to anyone. I might be shy at first, but usually I can make friends pretty easily,” 

Samantha Ford and her partner Garret Phillips from Winner took home fourth place with a score of 15.0.

Regardless of the outcomes, these high schoolers got a rodeo experience similar to what the pros see including warmups in the Barnett fieldhouse to bursting through the gate.

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