Top Performer: Vincent Van Liere

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City golfer Vincent Van Liere has outstanding golf skills, a great work ethic and he’s a state champion.

By the way, did I mention he’s only 11-years old.

This month’s Top Performer may be young, but he’s certainly turning heads on the golf course.

When you see Vincent Van Liere on the golf course, it’s clear to see that he’s not your typical 11-year old.

Standing at 5-foot-2, Van Liere can produce drives that carry 250 yards.

“During the summer, I usually have 96 days when I get out of school,” said Vincent Van Liere. “I think its rare if I miss a day from playing golf. It’s always four hours of practice. About every time I’m at the golf course for nine hours a day.”

Van Liere first picked up a golf club at the age of three.

“When I was five, I was playing baseball, golf, soccer, basketball,” Van Liere said. “My dad asked me which one I like the most because he’s not going to take me to all of these because its just too much for me. I picked golf because you can do it for your whole life and I just enjoy it so much.”

Fast forward eight years later and the 11-year old is making a name for himself playing around the region.

Van Liere has 23 wins on the SDGA Junior Golf Tour and he’s a three-time state junior champion.

Plus, he’s also a five-time champion on the U.S. Kids Tour.

Van Liere has had so much success, he qualified and placed in the top 30 at the European Junior Championship in Scotland.

“It just feels good because when you put all the time into it and you go over there and you try your best and you win them, it feels good,” said Van Liere. “It makes you feel successful.”

Not only does Van Liere like to play golf, but he loves watching his favorite golfers on television.

“I just like Rickie Fowler because he has a good attitude and he wears cool stuff,” added Van Liere. “And Jordan Spieth because he used to be the best.”

While Van Liere is in no hurry to grow up, he hopes to someday play at the Division I level and stay involved in the sport of golf.

“If I don’t go pro which is about the hardest thing you can do, I would like to have a job that has to do with golf,” said Van Liere.

Congratulations to Vincent Van Liere on being named a NewsCenter 1 Top Performer.

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