Top Performer: Sierra McGowan and Ariana Herman-Waln

The White River girls basketball team started the new year with more questions than answers. But as we wrap up the first month of the season, one thing’s for sure.

Sierra McGowan and Ariana Herman-Waln have emerged as a dual-threat for the Tigers.

Through the first four games of the season, Herman-Waln is one of the top three point shooters on the team.

In fact, she’s averaging 11 points per game after knocking down 13 three-pointers during the Lakota Nation Invitational Basketball Tournament.

Meanwhile, McGowan is averaging just over 13 points per contest and she recently recorded her 1,000th point of her high school career.

Both players are quick to point out each others strengths.

“She’s really fast,” Ariana Herman-Waln said. “She’s probably the fastest girl I know. One minute she’s down the floor and the next minute, she’s down the other side. So she’s really fast. She’s fun to play with and she’s funny.”

“We played a lot when we were younger,” Sierra McGowan said. “But she’s grown so much that when I’m off shooting, I know she’s going to be there to back me up on the three-point line. She’s really good defensively. She can ready anybody and she can shoot from anywhere when she’s on fire.”

McGowan and Herman-Waln are just two of three seniors on the White River girls basketball team.

Tigers head coach Kristi Yackley feels that their leadership and talent will help the team find success this season.

“Both of them are great leaders for our kids,” head coach Kristi Yackley said. “They came into season with a lot of energy. Both are great little shooters. We like to get them the ball. Kids really look up to them. We’ve got to get them to talk a little bit more. All the kids especially these two. They’re great little leaders but we need to get more verbal communication out of them. Just so the other kids know what’s going on. That’s coming. We’re a work in progress.”

Congratulations to Sierra McGowan and Ariana Herman-Waln for being named NewsCenter1 Top Performers.

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