Top Performer: Mason Martin

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Rushmore Thunder boys hockey team couldn’t ask for a much better start this season.

The Thunder are tied for second in the league with a 9-2 record.

If the Thunder make it back to the state finals in March, senior Mason Martin will likely be a big reason why.

Mason Martin resembles anything but a menacing hockey player.

But as soon as he walks onto the ice, the talented left wingers competitive edge surfaces quite quickly.

“Mason is a talented hockey player,” Rushmore boys hockey coach Brendon Hodge said. “He really is. When I took over last year, I started talking with him right there. He’s got the size. He’s got a great shot. He sees the ice really well. He was one of the kids at my summer camp this year that really impressed me.”

Martin has been playing hockey since he was six years old.

Throughout the years, he’s evolved into a highly skilled player.

“I never have had a day where I didn’t want to come to practice,” Mason Martin said. “I just always want to be here. Just hanging out with the team. Just being on the ice as much as I can.”

The Rapid City Stevens senior has seen a healthy spike in production over the last few years.

He scored 10 points during his sophomore year followed by 13 points last season.

Already this year in just seven games, Martin is the second leading scorer on the team with nine goals and seven assists for a total of 16 points.

It appears that his hard work is paying off.

“I lift and stuff during the off-season and go to Drop and Hockey downtown,” Martin said. “But just being here is just a way better environment. I feel like you can work a lot better especially with good coaching too. Good coaching goes a long way.”

Offensively, there’s no secret to Martin’s success.

“He’s got such a hard shot,” Brendon Hodge said. “Such a quick shot. I’ve been trying to tell him we’ve got to use that more. Last year when I was working with him he was trying to be a little to fancy when it was more like, just get your shot off. No goalie in the league is going to stop that shot if you get it off.”

The Rushmore Thunder didn’t get the chance to compete for a championship last year because the state tournament was canceled due to Covid-19.

So this season, Martin and his teammates are determined to bring home a state title in March.

“There’s no team that can compete with us in South Dakota when we’re five on five,” Martin said. “We have a good group of guys this year. We’ve got depth. Age isn’t really a factor this year.”

Congratulations to Mason Martin on being named a NewsCenter1 Top Performer.

Martin Trophy

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