Top Performer: Jack Hubbard Jr.

RAPID CITY. S.D. – Jack Hubbard Jr. from Custer is in the middle of his first summer of racing at Black Hills Speedway.

So far, he’s having a successful season.

In fact, Hubbard is in the top ten in the Hobby Stock Class despite being one of the youngest drivers on the track.       

Fifteen-year old Jack Hubbard Jr. may only have a restricted permit to drive, but that doesn’t stop him from competing at Black Hills Speedway at speeds of 60 to 70 miles per hour.

“I get nervous until the green flag drops and then all that goes away and you just want to race,” said Jack Hubbard Jr.    

“Then as the race goes on and they get spread out a little bit, it eases up,” said Jack Hubbard Sr. “But the first few weeks, I did a lot of pacing.”

Hubbard started hanging out at the racetrack before he could even walk since his dad has been a pit crew member for local drivers since 1988.

“I just like cars in general,” said Hubbard Jr. “But being able to race and watching them race, it’s like ever since I was a kid wow that’s really cool. I really wished I could do that when I grow up. I want to be like him or him. That got me started in watching races and paying attention more.” 

Hubbard’s dad first bought the number 9 car with the idea of racing it himself this summer.

But Jack Jr. talked his parents into letting him get behind the wheel instead and he’s been competing ever since.

“I told him he could drive if he could get his mom to approve,” said Hubbard Sr. “I’m like there’s no way she would. But she did. So there we have it.”

Hubbard is currently seventh in the Hobby Stock Class at Black Hills Speedway.

Recently, he even ventured into Wyoming to the Gillette Thunder Speedway and won his first ever main event.

Although Hubbard is in his first year of racing, he’s beating driver’s two to three times is age.

“It’s fun and challenging,” said Hubbard Jr. “But it’s also a great learning experience because I can watch what they do and say hey I need to do this to get better and watch my speeds where I let off and get on.”

As Hubbard continues to hone his skills, he hopes to keep racing for many years to come.

“It’s a lot of fun and it gives you something to do,” said Hubbard Jr.

Congratulations to Jack Hubbard Jr. on being named a NewsCenter 1 Top Performer.

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