Top Performer: Haleigh Timmer

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The St. Thomas More girls basketball program has been very successful over the past 10 years thanks to some talented players such as Ciara Duffy, Alexys Swedlund and Dru Gylten, just to name a few.

Now another girls basketball player from STM is making a name for herself.

As a matter of fact, she has cemented her place in St. Thomas More girls basketball history, even though her high school career hasn’t even wrapped up yet.

Haleigh Timmer has been active in several different sports since she was very young.

But basketball has always been at the top of her list.

“Early on I did Hershey track meets and gymnastics and soccer,” Haleigh Timmer said. “I tried a lot of things but basketball always seemed to stand out.”

Timmer started playing on the Cavaliers’ varsity basketball team when she was just an eighth grader.

Since then, the junior guard been a part of two-state championship teams.

While Timmer has always had upperclassman to look up to such as Alexys Swedlund and Dru Gylten, she has taken more of a leadership role this season.

“I remember I’d watch the state tournaments when I was younger and I always use to hope that I could someday be in their shoes and I use to look up to them so much,” Timmer said. “It’s so cool now to kind of be in their shoes and feel what it’s like to go to state.”

“I think she’s a good leader that leads by example,” STM girls basketball coach Brandon Kandolin said. “We’ve talked about things about trying to become more vocal. I think as she becomes an upperclassman, especially a senior next year, she’ll become more vocal.”

This season, Timmer is averaging 22 points, 6.8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals per game.

But what truly sets her apart from other players is her skill set.

“I think physically and the body that she has allows her to be very very strong and she can jump well,” Kandolin said. “But that speed is the first thing that I think of. She’s a great shooter. I know this year she was shooting above 50 percent from the field. Those are great things. For me, the exciting thing is that she’s always wanting to get better.”

St. Thomas More has once again qualified for the State ‘A’ girls basketball tournament.

But as of right now, all the tournaments have been postponed until June.

Just like many others across the state, Timmer is hoping she’ll get the chance to wrap up the season on the state’s biggest stage.

“Just to see how far this team has come from the beginning of the year,” Timmer said. “It’s kind of hard to think that we might now have that opportunity. So I think we’re all kind of hoping for a chance to prove ourselves to everyone.”

After high school, Timmer hopes to play women’s basketball at the Division I level.

Congratulations to Haleigh Timmer on being named a NewsCenter1 Top Performer.

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