Top Performer: Gage Tennyson

CUSTER, S.D. – The Custer boys basketball team enjoyed a strong start to the season after winning the Lakota Nation Invitational.

While the team has seen strong leadership from its seniors on the team, one in particular is leading the way.

Gage Tennyson, who’s averaging nearly a double-double every game, seems to be the center focus for opposing teams.

Colton Hall has more on NewsCenter1’s Top Performer.

They say that players, whether young or more experienced, like to leave their mark.

For the Custer Wildcats boys basketball team that’s enjoyed a strong start to the season, one player is doing just that.

In fact, you could say Gage Tennyson is in the middle of it all.

Tennyson is averaging 16 points and nine rebounds a game for the Wildcats and though may stand at 6-foot-5, he carries a much bigger impact for his team.

“He plays so fast we sometimes we have to slow him down,” said Custer boys basketball coach Paul Kelley. “But you know, we gotta credit him with what he’s become, and he is our leader. It’s not much of a vocal leader, but he does give it a full effort every single day.”

His presence in the middle may change the game, whether a bucket defending block or perhaps his favorite part of the game, a statement dunk.

“Honestly, ever since I was younger and I watched basketball, dunking has been like the most,” said Gage Tennyson. “The most cool thing about basketball and I guess with my height and athleticism the my ability to dunk the ball is my favorite part of the game.”

But those game breaking plays have also translated over to the football field.

Tennyson committed to the University of South Dakota to play linebacker. Something his coaches say that its on par for what they saw in him as a young player.

“He’s one of those kids, you honestly saw as a younger kid that you know there is potential and he’s just kept working in all sports, not just basketball, but in all sports to reach his full potential,” said Kelley.

As Gage wraps up his senior year in basketball and track, he’s hoping to carry on his hard work and dedication to Vermillion.

“Obviously I gotta gain some weight playing Division I linebacker,” said Tennyson. “I gotta gain a lot of weight but. Speed and explosiveness just get better. At that. I hope to learn. A lot, I hope to develop as a football player. A lot, I hope to develop as a football player. I really want to play my first year, but we’ll see how it goes.”

Congratulations to Gage Tennyson on being named a NewsCenter1 Top Performer.


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