Top Performer: Drue Hutmacher

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Drue Hutmacher from Rapid City is one of the top youth bowlers in South Dakota.

Just over five weeks ago, the then 16-year old not only bowled a perfect game, but he rolled his way into the record books.

Back in early November, Drue Hutmacher walked into Meadowood Lanes on a Saturday morning to compete in his youth bowling league.

When he was finished a few hours later, Hutmacher bowled a three-game score of 857 to set a new state youth record.

“It was mind blowing,” said Drue Hutmacher. “I never thought it would be me having that record in a million years. So it was awesome to know that I had it. But it was mind blowing. A loss of words to say to least.”

 The three-game series included a perfect game of 300 followed by a 279 and a 278.

 The perfect game was Hutmacher’s fourth since he started bowling seriously in sixth grade.

 “I’ve been coming to this bowling alley ever since I could remember,” said Hutmacher. “So everybody here made me feel like I was part of a another family and then meeting all the cool people that I have throughout the past few years. It’s just been amazing and I’ve just wanted to keep doing it ever since.” 

The biggest change in Hutmacher’s development has been his delivery.

He rolls the ball using a two-handed style.

“The two handed style I have was brought to the U.S by an Australian bowler Jason Belmonte,” said Hutmacher. “All the young kids including myself saw it and they just took off with it. It does take a little bit more practice to get a little bit better with. But it is extremely unique.”

Hutmacher, who’s a junior at Rapid City Central, says the next step is improving his consistency with the goal of competing at the next level.

“I would like to go to college and bowl at the collegiate level,” said Hutmacher. “I’m not quite sure of the college yet. Still open about that.”

Congratulations to Drue Hutmacher on being named a News Center 1 Top Performer.

Top Performer Drue Hutmacher


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