Top Performer: Chase Maher

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Chase Maher was a gymnast for seven years.

However, that journey eventually ended.

But the Rapid City Christian sophomore still has plenty of competition in his future.

In fact, Maher has found great success in another sport using his gymnastics background.

Chase Maher started competing in track and field when he was in the sixth grade.

But it wasn’t until high school that he started participating in the pole vault in his first competitive track meet.

“I watched it with my dad when I was little as a kid,” said Chase Maher. “He always said that maybe I could do that someday. Then eventually it became a possibility so.”  

Chase Maher

Chase Maher

Maher was a gymnast before he switched over to track and field.

What he learned as a gymnast gave him a leg up on the competition when it came to pole vaulting.

“We talk in athletics about proprioception,” said Rapid City Christian track coach Jerry Schafer. “Being able to feel the positions that they’re suppose to be in when they’re doing something athletic. Gymnastics help Chase do that tremendously. Obviously he had to be upside down in a lot of gymnastic events and you have to be upside down in the pole vault.”

Maher is off to a great start this season.

He finished first in the pole vault at both the Comet Classic Invitational and the Douglas Early Bird Track Meet.

Plus, Maher placed third at the Queen City Classic in Spearfish.

“Pole length and pole weight are two critical things and he’s just pushing right on through,” said Schafer. “So It’s been fun to watch him progress and just going to enjoy the ride.”

The sophomore recently set the new school record in pole vaulting at Rapid City Christian by clearing 13 feet, 8 inches.

“I guess I can’t really take any credit for it,” said Maher. “The night before I could hardly walk. I think it was by the grace of God that I could even compete that day.”

Maher finished fourth last year in pole vault at the state track meet.        

This season, he’s currently ranked number one in Class ‘A’ and hopes to win a state title.

“I would be really happy if I got over 14’6″ I suppose by the end of the season,” said Maher. “But I don’t know if that’s in the realm of possibility yet. But we’ll see.”

Congratulations to Chase Maher on being named a NewsCenter1 Top Performer.    

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