Top Performer: Cash Wilson

WALL, S.D. — It’s fair to say that Wall High School senior Cash Wilson is a well-rounded athlete.

Not only does he compete in football, basketball, wrestling and track, but he still makes time for his favorite sport as well, rodeo.

Cash Wilson started competing in track and field when he was just a seventh grader.

But then when he was a freshman, he decided to take a couple of years off and focus on other sports.

During his junior year, Wilson changed his mind and since then, he has been tearing up the track with his strong performances.

“The kids in my class, there’s three other kids that we could make a pretty good relay team and they kind of talked me into it my last year,” Cash Wilson said. “I knew I could benefit that relay team and they just talked me into doing it.”

“As far as Cash coming out for track these last two years, it’s been very good,” Wall track and field coach Karol Patterson said. “It’s been good for the team. It’s been good moral for the young ones to see the success that it comes with hard work.”

Last year, Wilson anchored the boys 1600 sprint medley relay team to a Class ‘B’ state title.

So far this season, the 18-year old has already pre-qualified for the state track meet in four different events, two relay teams, the 100 meter dash and the 400.

“He’s just always there for the team trying to get more points,” Patterson said. “Our big goal and his with the boys is to win the state track meet. We know they have to work hard and they know they have to work hard and he’s willing to put in the hard work.”

When Wilson isn’t running on the track, he spends his time competing in rodeo where he’s the two-time defending state high school saddle bronc champion.

In fact, Wilson will continue his rodeo career next year at the University of Wyoming.

“Rodeo is definitely my favorite,” Wilson said. “It’s just a bigger adrenaline rush. The biggest adrenaline rush riding broncs. I’ve doing that since I was an eighth grader and it’s come along good.”

Congratulations to Cash Wilson on being named a NewsCenter1 Top Performer.

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