Top Performer: Bryanna Kuhn

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Being an athlete in high school requires practicing, competing and traveling on the weekends, in addition to attending classes and doing homework.

Add a second sport in any given season, and the physical and logistical challenges become even greater.

But an athlete from Rapid City Stevens is pulling double duty and finding success in two different sports.

Rapid City Stevens senior Bryanna Kuhn keeps a full schedule during the fall season. 

Not only does she play forward on the Stevens’ girls soccer team, but Bryanna is one of the top cross country runners for the Raiders.

“I probably started cross country when I was in fifth grade,” Bryanna Kuhn said. “Then I’ve been doing soccer since I was six. So they kind of just combined together.”

Bryanna has been competing in both sports since she was a sophomore and her hard work is paying off.

Last year, she finished fifth at the State ‘AA’ Cross Country Meet and was a member of the Stevens soccer team that finished runner-up at the state tournament.

So far this season, the Stevens girls soccer team is fourth in the Class ‘AA’ standings.

But being a multi-sport athlete isn’t easy. In fact, balancing the time commitments of both sports can be a challenge.

NewsCenter1 Top Performer Bryanna Kuhn

“It is really hard because you have to make decisions on whether you want to play the game or you want to go run cross country and compete there,” Kuhn said. “Or what days you want to practice. So it’s a little bit difficult to figure out.”

Bryanna isn’t alone when it comes to participating in two sports. She has the help and support from her teammate, Kylee Bennett, who trains and competes with Bryanna in both soccer and cross country.

“We talk all the time about just which practices we need to go to and just like how we fit it all in,” Kylee Bennett said.

Due to all the running, Bryanna is currently dealing with her fair share of injuries.

“I’ve been working a lot lately,” Kuhn said. I haven’t had a break since the beginning of June. So my muscles are just getting sprained or pulled and its just kind of hard to come back from them.

But overall, Bryanna’s dedication and motivation is a coach’s dream.

“To put it simply, if you had 11 Bryanna’s, you could rule the world of soccer,” Rapid City Stevens girls soccer coach Luis Usera said. “She’s just that kind of a player and she’s got that much emotion for the game. She just loves competing, whether its running or soccer. And somehow she balances that out with her school too.”

Although Bryanna loves both sports, her true passion is soccer.

“I like soccer better than cross country just because I feel that the teammates, we have a closer connection,” Kuhn said. “I’ve been playing the game since I was six and so I have a love for the sport.”

Congratulations to Bryanna Kuhn on being named a NewsCenter1 Top Performer.

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