Top Performer: Alejandro Rama

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Alejandro Rama had an outstanding basketball career at Red Cloud High School.

However, his senior season was cut short when he fractured his ankle in a game against St. Thomas More.

But Rama has totally healed from that injury and now he’s making tremendous strides at the collegiate level.

Alejandro Rama may only be a freshman, but he’s already making a name for himself on the South Dakota School of Mines men’s basketball team.

Of course, Rama is not just any freshman.

The 19-year old from Pine Ridge was a standout player at Red Cloud High School where he was named All-Conference, All-State and was a Mr. Basketball finalist.

“Well number one, he wanted engineering,” SD Mines men’s basketball coach Eric Glenn said. “So that was a big thing for us that the academic side of it was a fit. That’s what we’re always having to look for is that academic element. So the basketball side obviously, he’s a heck of player. He can do a lot of great things and he’s fitting in really nice with what we do.”

Even on a team loaded with talent, Rama has already managed to earn significant playing time.

Through five games this season, Rama’s averaging over 10 minutes per game and has scored a total of 22 points.

“The game is actually starting to slow down for him,” Eric Glenn said. “Usually that first semester especially and sometimes a first full year for a freshman, or even transfers for that matter, there’s a transition period. So for him, to be able to transition from the high school level to the college speed and physicality, has been pretty good.”

Alejandro Rama is finding success playing men’s basketball at the South Dakota School of Mines.

Rama comes from a basketball family.

His father Matt is a long time basketball coach at Red Cloud High School.

Rama says has father has had a huge influence on his life.

“Almost everything that I’ve learned both in life and in basketball has come from him,” Alejandro Rama said. “It’s extraordinary the amount of things that he’s done for me. How much support him and the rest of my family has shown me and the amount of stuff I’ve learned from him is amazing.”

Rama is clearly a role model for the youth at Pine Ridge.

As a matter of fact, Rama has put on basketball camps and currently coaches a sixth grade boys basketball team.

“My dad raised me while doing a lot of basketball camps,” Rama said. “He coached my teams growing up every single one of them from first grade all the way to eighth grade. So I’m trying to do the same thing because I feel like that was a big part in my basketball development was the youth part of it. That’s really where my love for the game just kind of started.”

Moving forward, Rama plans to continue to focus on his education while possibly moving into the starting point guard position for the Hardrockers next season.

“I’ll have some big shoes to fill,” Rama said. Allec (Williams) is a great point guard. So I feel like my goal is just to come in and just work hard and improve every year.”

Congratulations to Alejandro Rama for being named a News Center 1 Top Performer.

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