Tolling for Lost Boats ceremony honors submarine veterans

RAPID CITY, SD – Over the weekend community members and veterans in Rapid City honored some of the lives lost below the open seas with the Tolling for Lost Boats ceremony established by the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War Two.

The Polaris Base in Rapid City put on the ceremony Saturday, which was also Armed Forces Day. The names of each of the submarines and the fate of its crew were read out loud as a brass bell was rung.

Chester Narine who served on the USS James Madison spoke during the ceremony: “The tolling of the ship’s bell reminds us of the depth of gratitude we owe both our departed shipmates and to those in active service who silently honor the guard of our country while serving silently under the sea.”

Submarines and their crews are often referred to as the “silent service” because they were rarely in the public eye in and after World War Two.

“They didn’t publicize it too much,” said Polaris Base commander Bob Morrow, “We lost a lot of those people that carried the war in the Pacific to start with right after Pearl Harbor.”

Over 60 veterans and their families from different submarines attended the ceremony.


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