To feed or not to feed: Four things to know about giving your pet certain Thanksgiving foods

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Making sure everyone has a good Thanksgiving also includes your cats and dogs.

A question that might pop into your head is, “should I feed my pet this food or not?”

Here are a few things to know about what your pet can and can’t eat.

Foods that pets can eat

Foods that pets can eat

Foods that pets can’t eat

Foods that pets can't eat

Why it’s important to know

They can cause things like pancreatitis, inflammation of their bowels and everything. So, Turkey bones also another no-no, because they can splinter off and just really do some damage to their systems,” Kay Kieper, outreach education coordinator of Human Society of the Black Hills, said.

“Animals are very sneaky. If they want something, they’re going to go for it. So, we want to make sure we always have an eye on our animals, make sure they’re not getting into anything they shouldn’t be. Because we don’t want them to get hurt while eating things that they shouldn’t be having that’s really bad for their systems.”

Ways to keep food away from your pets

  • Pushing the food to the center of the table or the counter.
    • This keeps the food out of reach if a pet tries to get some.
  • Having family members or guests play with and distract a dog or cat in another room.
    • For you, it keeps them away from the food and out of your way.
  • Closing your trash can or even putting the trash outside if necessary.
  • Feeding them a full meal before you sit down to eat
    • This makes it less likely that dogs will beg for a bite.
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