Tips to have a safe Thanksgiving and holiday with friends and family

RAPID CITY, S.D.– With two days until Thanksgiving, many people are still scrambling to get dinner essentials together.

Holiday Traveling 5However, with COVID back on the rise and flu season underway, medical experts are recommending people take extra precautions.

“People forget that we are still in a pandemic. Our numbers are still high,” Vice President of Monument Health Dr. Shankar Kurra said. “Not as high as they were in the peak, but they’re way higher than what we would expect.”

Millions of Americans will be traveling this year to holiday celebrations. If you’re unvaccinated, the CDC recommends checking the COVID-19 situation for your destination before doing so or delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated. Testing before and after trips is also available.

Officials also stress wearing a mask, regardless of status.

“It’s very important that if you’re traveling, or others are traveling to your place, that they mask up throughout their travels,” Dr. Kurra said. “Make sure they’re vaccinated. If they’re not vaccinate, even more important to wash hands, keep the distance, and mask up.”

Above all else, Dr. Kurra says the best line of defense still proves to be vaccinations.

“We know that 65 and older, they make up the vast majority of folks that die from COVID-19, so for the older folks in your family, anyone over the age of 65, even those over the age of 80,” he explained. “They’re highly vulnerable. That’s where we see the highest deaths.”

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