Tips for lowering your electric bill this summer

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Things are heating up in the Black Hills, so the A/C might be set a bit lower than it was last summer.

Electric bills tend to be higher in the summer, but Black Hills Energy and West River Electric, have some energy saving tips.

Robert Raker, Public Relations Manager for West River Electric, said “One way is by changing your furnace filter. Furnace filters restrict air flow, any time your restrict air flow than your air conditioner has to run a lot harder in order to keep the house cool.”

And keep all windows covered when you’re not home, so the sun doesn’t shine in and make the home hotter, tempting you to lower the thermostat. Investing in more advanced technology can also help you maintain a certain temperature and help keep a steady bill.

Marc Eyre, Vice President of Operations at Black Hills Energy, said “Get a programmable thermostat, that way you can set the temperature at different times when you’re out of the house, when the home is not occupied, at night raise that temperature up.”

Both Black Hills Energy and West River Electric have online tools that can help customers better manage their bills and the amount of electricity that they are using.

Reach out to you provider to see how you can access those resources.

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