11:30 AM UPDATE: Thunderstorm risk upgraded, Brant has details for this evening

Storms reports are coming in from the early morning thunderstorm complex that raced across the Northern portion of our region

11:30 AM UPDATE –

11:30 AM UPDATE: Thunderstorms Expected Friday Evening

LIVE: Storms are likely late Friday night into Saturday, Meteorologist Brant Beckman KNBN breaks down timeline and impacts

Posted by KNBN NewsCenter1 on Friday, July 19, 2019

  • Given our lack of thunderstorm activity yesterday afternoon near the Black Hills and our above normal dew points, there is still leftover moisture in the atmosphere. Mother nature is here to collect the rent.
  • Although we could have a few isolated afternoon storms, most strong activity should wait until after the 9-10 pm hour
  • These will occur mostly overnight into Saturday morning, by which time the upper level dynamics will leave our area, and general thundershowers can be expected.



  • As pictured above, Thunderstorms raced across the Northern portion of our area early Friday morning from about 12:00 AM to 5 AM
  • Carter County, MT, Harding, Perkins and Ziebach counties all had storm reports as of 4:30 this morning

  • The first of these reports came at around 1:10 AM 10 miles Southwest of Camp Crook in Carter County Montana, where a garage was destroyed and the roofs of sheds were reportedly torn off.
  • It is unclear at this time whether or not a tornado was responsible or straight line winds

  • Another storm report at around 1:50 this morning involved a parked Semi being tipped over along 85, as well as an awning being broken off a camper
  • Wind speeds were estimated at around 70 mph at this point, with quarter sized hail being reported in southern Harding county as well.
  • This occurred about 20 miles south of Buffalo, S.D.

  • Faith recorded a wind gust of around 55 mph near 4 AM this morning, while an area 5 miles East of Dupree recorded a radar-indicated 64 mph wind gust

Conditions are expected to be much quieter today, with a chance for isolated thunderstorms overnight into Saturday. If you have any storm reports, feel free to send information, videos or pictures HERE. As more details become available, we will update!

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