Tinton Trail added to National Forest System

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Tinton Trail in Spearfish has been added to the official National Forest System.

The local user group, Ridge Riders of the Black Hills proposed that the non-motorized trail be added to the NFS back in 2018.

Northern Hills District Ranger, Steve Kozel, recently approved the proposal and he says that it was a logical decision. “I think going forward, it’s really important to ad it to the system so we can manage it, provide information to the public about the trail system. It has been informally used for several years and because of the popularity of it, it has grown and providing information to the public is really important on how to use the trail and where it’s at,” said Kozel.

With the help of volunteer groups like Ridge Riders, trails like this one can be maintained well as more and more people come from around the area to ride on it. Perry Jewett is one of the members of Ridge Riders. He says, “we’re really excited and it’ll be a lot easier to show the visitors that come to Spearfish how to find the trail now. So between the preservation and the access, it’s gonna be a great thing for Spearfish.”

The Tinton Trail network includes about 46 miles of trail. Signs and trail markers will be installed down the road and there will also be trail brochures that can be printed to help people navigate the trail.

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