Timmons Connecting Local and International Communities

Box Elder — For residents of Box Elder, Timmons Market will be bringing international flavors to the community. Co-owner Ryan Cain currently resides in Manizales, Columbia with his family as a missionary. In his time away, Cain has come up with a few ideas on supporting his community, both near and abroad.

“Yeah so a big part of what we do, is we try to give back in community period. So we carry a lot of local stuff to Rapid City, to South Dakota. That’s very important to us. And so anyway that we can support local business whether it be here in Rapid City or the local business from Manizales, Columbia, it’s a great opportunity to just engage in the communities where we live, both here and abroad.”

To aid with food insecurity in South Dakota, Timmons has launched Helping Hands Bags to be donated to local food pantries. So far, patrons have donated over 700 bags, and the hope is to continue providing for those in need. As for the work abroad, Cain has connected with local coffee growers in Columbia to distribute Kumanday Coffee in Timmons. Marketing Representative Esteban Giraldo spoke of his growing love for coffee and his admiration for coffee growers in his hometown. He said, 

I hope it’s one of the many things we can start building up together and bonding the people in the U.S. with Latin American countries, with our culture. Getting to know your country and your people and all through something as simple as a cup of coffee, right?

Timmons currently has a location in Rapid City and plans to open their new Box Elder location in August 2020.

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