Time to schedule sports physicals for the upcoming school year

No matter which sport your teen plays—soccer, football, or gymnastics — there’s always a chance of getting hurt. That’s why school and teams often require a physical

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Most states require that kids and teens have a sports physical before they can start a new sport or begin a new competitive season to make sure it’s safe for them to participate.

The two main parts to an athletics physical are the medical history and the physical exam.

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Christopher J. Wenger, MD with Black Hills Urgent Care, says, “We run through a quick history form and that’s probably the most important part. We ask for things like cardiac history, pulmonary history, muscular skeletal injuries, or neurologic issues and then a quick physical exam follows that — lungs musculoskeletal, quick neuro, check vision, blood pressure, height, weight – all those parts.”

A sports physical can help a student find out about and deal with health problems that might interfere with participation in a sport. For example, if a child has frequent asthma attacks but are a starting forward in soccer, a doctor might be able to prescribe a different type of inhaler or adjust the dosage so they can breathe more easily when running.

The physical should take place about 6 weeks before the sports season begins so there’s enough time to follow up on something, if necessary.


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But the ultimate goal is to make sure the student is safe while playing sports. Most of the time a physician won’t find any reason to prevent an athlete from playing their desired sport.

Dr. Wenger says it is still important to get a yearly regular physical as well, when your doctor will address your overall well being, which may include things that are unrelated to sports.

“It’s a good time to intervene on things beyond sports too. I always ask if they are wearing seatbelts, if they were wearing bike helmets, sometimes I check if their immunizations are up-to-date, just a little bit more they can stem off of a visit,” says Wenger. 

Dr. Wenger

Dr. Wenger

Urgent Care offers walk-in sports exams for $25.00. 

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