Thursday Forecast Discussion: Warmest day of the year

An unsettled pattern of showers and thunderstorms are expected starting this weekend, with a few possibly being on the stronger side.

Here’s a quick look at the prescribed burn we had Wednesday near Mount Rushmore

Picture 1

  • High thin clouds later this morning and afternoon could bring down high temperatures slightly from mid to upper 80s to more of a low to mid 80s range towards the plains.
  • Thursday will easily be the warmest fay of the year regardless, with plenty of heat to go around.

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  • Higher elevations could see mid to upper 70s in some cases, with areas East and South of the Black Hills seeing some of the warmest temperatures in the mid 80s

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  • First part of Thursday will be overall sunny for the South Dakota side of things, but clouds and isolated thundershowers will be moving in to Northeastern Wyoming by late morning/early afternoon.
  • These isolated thundershowers could move through The Black Hills right around 1-3 PM, bringing a few spots of activity.

Picutre 4

  • Our best chance for a good rumbler will be later tonight as larger thunderstorm complexes will take advantage of elevated heat from the day and try to make their way across the region.
  • Most of these complexes will have a tough time getting over the hills, but a few could make it through and even bring some tiny hail as you’re falling asleep.

Picture 5

  • Friday will be slightly cooler and a little more on the breezy side, with Northerly winds gusting around the 30-35 MPH range.
  • Mostly dry conditions are expected, save for a spot shower here or there.

Picture 6

  • By Friday evening more widespread showers and a few thunderstorms are expected, which will kick off a pattern that could last well into Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Picture 7

  • Saturday will bring more chances of showers and a few thundershowers, with temperatures back in the 50s and 60s across the area.

Picture 8

  • By Sunday, we’re looking at more thunder storm activity and even the possibility of a few isolated strong spots.
  • This trend will continue to Monday and possibly even Tuesday of next week.
  • Hopefully we get some good moisture out of these systems… but it looks like we’ll have scattered chances at best – we’ll keep an eye on it and get some expected rain totals by Friday.
  • Be safe out there! enjoy the good sleeping weather this weekend! – Brant
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