Thune: President Biden’s Safer America Plan just a “talking point” during election cycle

WASHINGTON — In July, President Biden presented his Safer America Plan, which aims to reduce crime by expanding police forces and investing in prevention and intervention services.

The $37 billion plan would fund 100,000 police officers nationwide, invest $20 billion in prevention and criminal justice reform, and tighten gun laws.

The White House told NewsCenter1 that the Administration’s push to ban assault weapons is fundamental to the overall safety of law enforcement in this country.

White House Press Briefing Room“The President sees that as an opportunity and not the end of the road, but the beginning of the road to make some real progress,” said Chris Meagher, White House Deputy Press Secretary. “He feels we have a lot of momentum.”

South Dakota Senator John Thune hit back, calling the Biden administration “weak.”

He blames the Administration’s failure to secure the border and the Far Left’s “defund the police” rhetoric.

“Rhetoric about supporting the police or law enforcement is absolutely contradicted by their actions, and actions speak louder than words,” said Sen. Thune. “This is an Administration that has been very soft when it comes to enforcing the law and frankly very weak when it comes to supporting law enforcement.”

Sen. Thune says they don’t believe the plan will be converted into legislation. He believes it’s just a talking point during this election year.

CLICK HERE for the full text of President Biden’s Safer America Plan.

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