Thune critical of Dems’ $3.5T reconciliation package

SPEARFISH, S.D. — South Dakota Senator John Thune telling NewsCenter1 he believes the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget bill is an unnecessary expansion of government.

President Biden previously claimed his “Build Back Better” bill will create jobs, lower taxes, and reduce costs for working families.

Thune saying the bipartisan infrastructure bill already passed by the Senate addresses necessary core infrastructure, and that the addition of the reconciliation package will bring tax increases for farmers, ranchers, and small business owners.

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Senator John Thune (R-SD) speaks at the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Convention (Sept. 9, 2021)

“It’s kind of free-everything…I mean it just really starts and, you know, whatever, it’s gonna have people in this country become even increasingly more dependent upon government,” Sen. Thune says.

Thune says that the U.S. shouldn’t be looking to add to the national debt, and hopes his colleagues on both sides of the aisle will have concerns.

“I hope that there are Democrats – and I know I’ve talked to some of them already – that have concerns about the size, the amount of spending, and the tax increases that are being talked about to finance it,” Sen. Thune adds.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a September 27 deadline to vote on the bill, with West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin telling CNBC Sunday that there’s quote, “no way we can get this done by the 27th if we do our job.”

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