Thunderstorms could have kick today: Preparing for storm season

Nothing to be overly concerned about today, but we'll need to start paying attention to the possibility of strong storms as we approach severe weather season

  • Most of today will remain dry, with temperatures in the mid 70’s
  • Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop this afternoon going into this evening, some could be strong
  • By later this evening showers are expected to move on, leaving us with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the high 40′

  • Isolated thunderstorms will start in Wyoming and the Black Hills this afternoon and move into South Dakota this evening

  • There will be daily chances for showers and thunderstorms in the Black Hills region over the next 3-5 days
  • Thursday could see a few stronger storms move through the region
  • Temperatures will hang around the 70’s for most, with Hot Springs seeing the warmer temperatures and greater chances for showers and thunderstorms

  • The farther away you get from the Black Hills, the less likely you’ll see as many showers and thunderstorms. Wasta and Martin could stills see a few isolated storms on Tuesday
  • Most will see showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, save perhaps for Buffalo and Ekalaka, Montana.
  • Temperatures will be warm, areas like Wasta, Martin and the Badlands could see a few spots that see 90° on Wednesday

  • Sundance and Newcastle could see a few isolated stronger storms on Tuesday, while Gillette and Sheridan miss most of the storm activity.
  • Sheridan could see a few isolated showers on Wednesday, but most will stay dry and warm, temperatures hanging around the mid to high 70’s
  • Strong thunderstorms are possible on Thursday going into Friday, and is worth watching

  • Communities surrounding the foothills will see the leftover showers that pop up in the Black Hills over the next couple of days.
  • Pine Ridge could escape most of the storm action on Wednesday, while Box Elder could see an isolated shower
  • Most will need to watch Thursday for a few stronger storms. Temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to upper 70’s, with pine ridge seeing temperatures in the 80’s

  • With storm season upon us, here’s the 1-5 scale the storm prediction center uses to convey potential hazards.
  • So far, we are only seeing isolated thunderstorm activity with no threats for severe weather, save perhaps on Thursday where a few strong storms will be possible. No threats have been posted as of yet.

A cooler, wet pattern looks likely for this weekend, with temperatures by Sunday in the 50’s with scattered showers. We’ll keep you updated throughout the day on this dynamic forecast!

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