Three main topics discussed at Rapid City Coffee with Planners; Airbnb is one of the hot topics


Coffee With Planners 1RAPID CITY, S.D.– Rapid City residents had an opportunity to put in their two cents with city planners Wednesday afternoon. Rapid City held one of its Coffee with Planners events at City Hall.

During this session three timely topics were highlighted including short term rentals, a hot topic since the arrival of the Airbnb, a new update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan which will kick off next year, and the tourism stewardship vision of Visit Rapid City and Destination Rapid City. The session was an hour long with 20 minutes per topic.


December 7th, 2022 Coffee with Planners:

City department heads say these sessions are just as valuable to them as they are to the residents.

Rapid City Community Development Planner Kip Harrington says, “We really rely on public input. We want to know what happens in your neighborhood, what happens when you’re out driving around, when you’re on your way to work [or] on your way to school. And we just like that input from people, so we have a feel for what’s going on throughout the community.”

Rapid City holds four Coffee with Planners sessions a year, one each quarter.

To see Rapid City Comprehensive Plan click here.

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