Three school districts receive CTE Innovative Equipment Grants from South Dakota’s Department of Education

RcasRAPID CITY, S.D. – Three school districts in the area recently received a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Innovative Equipment Grant from the South Dakota Department of Education.

Rapid City Area Schools (RCAS), Belle Fourche, and Meade were three of 17 districts that were awarded a grant.

These were funded through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER).

“As we take a look at our funding, it is really hard to get a lot of these big ticket items within our courses because they are pretty high prices,” Bobbie Jo Donovan, Central High School Academy Coordinator and RCAS CTE coordinator, said. “So this grant gave us the opportunity to incorporate equipment that would help students be little bit more college, career and life ready. So, when they leave the classroom and go out into the real world, whether it’s going straight into a job or it’s going into some type of post-secondary, they have a little bit more hands-on experience.”

Rapid City Area Schools

For RCAS, they received a grant of $242,026. This will cover the cost of new technology — a caterpillar simulators for the architecture and construction program and an Anatomage Table for the health science program.

They are working with Scull Construction, Butler Machinery and Monument Health with this grant as well.

Caterpillar Simulators

CAT Simulators

The CAT Simulator, helps students learn job skills. The simulator will be used in our introduction and technical trades courses.

This will let students sit in what feels like a caterpillar piece of heavy equipment and work towards getting their certifications as a heavy equipment operators, as an excavator, and a bulldozer.

The simulator includes a hardware base unit, three vertically hung 43″ monitors, authentic convertible controls, motion system, software with onscreen tutorials, and training records management tool.

Anatomage Table

Anatomage Table

The Anatomage table is an interactive anatomy and physiology table. Students are able to look at different pieces and systems of the human body. They can also dig into different scenarios like how a specific type of cancer might look in different areas.

There is also details about the different anatomy of the body which allows people to learn more in-depth about things like brain aneurysms, fractured metacarpals and the peripheral nerve.

Some features include interactive dissection, radiology workstation and flythrough simulation. The table even has animal anatomy available for people who want to learn more about veterinary medicine.

Belle Fourche School District

Belle Fourche received $250,000 to develop a training program that gives students a chance to earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). They will purchase truck driving simulators and a semi tractor for their construction equipment program.

They are also working with Lake Area Technical College, Western Dakota Technical College, S.D. Department of Transportation, Habeck Trucking, Inc., 3J Towing, Butte County Highways Department.

Meade School District

Meade School District got $174,442 and Sturgis Brown High School will develop a hybrid program that combines robotics and manufacturing.

Students will learn how to operate and use new technology like Switch Vehicles, CNC machines and FarmBots. They will also learn how to repair, program and maintain those new technologies and be working with South Dakota School of Mines and SRAM Corporation.

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