“This is a way to give back” – meet the volunteers of Midwest Honor Flight

In our final story from Midwest Honor Flight, NewsCenter1's Darsha Nelson introduces us to some of the volunteers and why they keep coming back mission after mission.

WASHINGTON — Taking dozens of veterans to Washington would be impossible for Midwest Honor Flight without the help of volunteers.

Midwest Honor Flight 05

veterans and their guardians begin checking in Saturday morning

From medics to bus captains to ground crew – they serve a vital role in mission operations.

“I’m a veteran myself and so I feel like we need to thank and respect our veterans for what they’ve done for our country,” says Midwest Honor Flight volunteer Cheryl Tracy.

Giving their time to those that gave all.

Midwest Honor Flight Board of Directors member and volunteer, Greg Miner, “It becomes changing when you can devote 99.9 percent of your time to your vet to make sure he has his last flight with honor.”

“You can’t describe it – and you can’t see it in a photo – you need to visit and see it in real life and understand how neat it is – and how much it shows thanks and respect for what they’ve done,” Tracy says.

Midwest Honor Flight relies entirely on volunteer efforts.

“I think it is an awesome organization – I think every vet should have a chance to fly and see their memorial and be honored in that way and thanked for their service – so often they weren’t thanked,” Tracy says.

Miner says, “This is a way to give back to the veterans that preceded me – to keep this nation free and safe and everything else.”

Ensuring these heroes can take one final tour with honor.

CLICK HERE for more information on Midwest Honor Flight, including how to volunteer or nominate a veteran to fly.

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