WATCH: They tracked down your yak, now come get it back!

Video Courtesy of Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

RAPID CITY, S.D.- Two yaks were found “yakking”, or wandering, by a Pennington County Sheriff’s Office deputy Sunday night.

One male and one female yak were located on private property, that was not their own, on Geary Blvd. near Johnson Siding. Officials were able to corral the yaks into a fenced-off area nearby, but were unsuccessful in tracking the yaks back to their owners.

The female yak was reportedly aggressive towards law enforcement, while Facebook comments on Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post say the male is actually quite friendly. Facebook comments have identified the grumpy female as “Polly” and the joyful male as “Pokey.”

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says that “any help in locating the owners would be appreciated,” since they “are not sure where they belong nor do [they] know the integrity of the fence” where they’re being kept.

If you or someone you know knows theses yaks, you can call the non-emergency line at (605) 394-2151.

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