“There’s no shortcut to packing smart” TSA gives travel tips ahead of summer travel season

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The summer travel season is approaching.

While your summer travel plans may be taking off, members of the Transportation Security Administration say that you’ve got things to plan for before you’re in the air.

According to the TSA, it takes around five minutes to get through one of their checkpoints — but they say that time can increase dramatically if even one person doesn’t do the necessary research as to what you can bring.

So what can you bring?

Liquids or items like toothpaste in your carry-on bags must be below 3.4 ounces, but larger containers are allowed in checked bags.

Items deemed medical-necessary liquids like saline solution, breast milk and even baby food are allowed on carry-ons.

 “You just needed to tell the agent when you’re going through the line that you have something that is bigger than that, because it will be screened separately and differently,” said TSA Regional Spokesperson Jessica Mayle.

TSA recommends starting with a empty bag and going from there — with the main reason being that you might have forgotten to take something out from a previous trip.

While displaying a table full of items, Mayle gave a visual representation of what TSA has been seeing just in the Rapid City Regional Airport.

Tsa Travel Tips 10

“These have all been collected at the checkpoint over the last few months, so not a very long period. This kind of gives you an idea of how many of these types of prohibited items we are seeing at the checkpoint,” Mayle said.

One final message from the TSA is to give yourself ample time for everything that comes with your travel.

“Don’t just think about going through TSA, but (also) parking your car, checking your bags, you know the whole every step. It’s two minutes here, eight minutes here. It kind of adds up, so give yourself plenty of time,” Mayle said.

For a more complete list of what you can bring, click here. By clicking the link, you can search anything you’re looking to bring to see if its allowed.

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