The weekend is here and we are warming up

Meteorologist Erik Dean breaks down what we can expect for Mother's Day weekend

This Day in Weather History: On May 6th, 1988: A tornado struck southeast of Gillette causing an estimated $2.5 million in damage and two reported injuries.

Good morning, TGIF, and congratulations, we have made it to another weekend. Yesterday was gorgeous. We made it to 67° after a morning start of 34°. We were above normal on the high end. Our average for this time of year is 62°. On the low end, our average low is 37° so we were below normal on that end. Here are the numbers for Thursday.


As we previously discussed, we are slowly trending in the right direction in regards to the latest drought monitor. The problem is we still have a long way to go to be considered “out of drought conditions.” and that 1.92″ below normal that we are sitting at, is a little concerning especially for this time of year.

Let’s go into the discussion:
Day 2 Overview

The Storm Prediction Center has parts of the state under a marginal risk for severe weather (or a 1 out of 5). *The light green shading is just a general Thunderstorm risk, therefore it’s not on the 1-5 scale.* Next, I’ll give you my thoughts as to what I think will happen.

042 Ed Futurecast Dma Sd
Let’s start Futurecast tomorrow at noon. The Black Hills region is sandwiched in between fronts. We have this warm sector in play which allows us to warm up.

042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Tomorrow Hd 2 042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Tomorrow Hd

Highs for Saturday are confirmation. We’ll see upper 60s – low 70s from Sheridan to Newcastle in N. Central / NE Wyoming. The Black Hills will stay in the 60s & 70s, with mid-upper 70s and even low 80s stretching from Buffalo, S.D. to Pine Ridge. One thing to note about this forecast is that the wind will start to pick up as well, and we’ll talk about that later on in this post.

042 Ed Futurecast Dma Sd 2

We’ll start Futurecast tomorrow night and stop the clock at 6 PM, and there’s that cold front pushing in. Ahead of that cold front, you see a line of storms stretching across Central South Dakota. That front is what cools us down for Mother’s Day.

042 Ed Futurecast Dma Sd 3

By Saturday night, West River is in the clear, albeit the wind, thunderstorms continue to fire up East River.

042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Next Day Hd 2 042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Next Day Hd

Highs Sunday will only be in the 60s & 70s across the majority of the area. The Black Hills will stay in the upper 50s – low 60s.

Day 2 Overview
So let’s get back to this map. Do I agree with this map? Yes and no. I agree with the areas shaded, but I have a feeling tomorrow, more real estate could be added especially East River. It wouldn’t surprise me if a slight risk popped up.

Day 2 Wind Day 2 Hail

Regardless, the three big threats tomorrow will be wind (some places could see 30-40 hour gusts), hail isn’t out of the question either, and vivid lightning wraps up the main threats.

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Enjoy your Friday!


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