The Vault of Hot Springs burnt down, but with spirit and support, employees find work at neighboring Upper Crust.

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. — Local businesses in Hot Springs are offering helping hands and plates to The Vault restaurant in the wake of last month’s devastating fire.

The Upper Crust Café and Bakery, also known as Daily Bread, in downtown Hot Springs has taken in employees of The Vault – offering them work.

Will Tarrell was friends with owner Diane Browder before the fire – and knew he could turn to her for support.

“She said, well, let me see what I can do for you and we’ll get you right back to work,” Tarrell said. “She opened her heart and her doors for a few of us from The Vault and we are so thankful and we are so blessed.”

They will also be helping The Vault with catering obligations – such as the Hot Springs Chamber’s 80th Annual Dinner on March 14th.

Diane appreciates all the help – especially with tourism season approaching.

“And it was better yet to have The Vault staff because it’s some of their clientele coming here to eat here with ours,” said Browder. “And so we all blended into a big family and it’s been really good for the whole community.”

Diane says she appreciates the help for her business and being able to help her community.

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