The tie between SD soybeans and SD sheriffs is closer than you might think

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It’s difficult to imagine how soybeans and the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office could be intertwined, but they’re two completely different industries that teamed up with a goal of environmental kindness and community connection.

About six months ago, the South Dakota Soybean Checkoff announced its partnership with Goodyear, who supplies local law enforcement with tires that have been made with soybean byproducts.

Minnehaha County SO“So the tires that we received from Goodyear, that we purchased, are Goodyear Eagle Enforcer tires. What makes them special and unique is that Goodyear is starting to incorporate soybean oil into the making of the tires,” says Captain Joe Bosman with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re working as a goal to eventually get rid of all petroleum based products and a bunch of their tires. And one of them that they rolled out that fits our needs in law enforcement is the Goodyear Eagle Enforcer.”

What fits the bill then for law enforcement tires?

“What we look for in an enforcement tire is it has to meet the needs of our driving conditions. And that might be the speed rating on the tire. So that way we can handle up to the miles per hour that we drive as well as we want to make sure that it can handle the traction of the various road types that we drive, whether it’s in the snow or the summer or gravel or pavement,” Captain Bosman adds.

As Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office vehicles have needed new tires over the past six months, they’ve been replaced with the Goodyear tires containing soybean oil.

“We’ve been putting those tires on, the Eagle Enforcers, and they’ve been holding up really well. We’re happy with the duration of the tread life on them as well. And the guys like the handling, too. So I want to make sure that they’re happy with the tire performance, and I’m happy with the length of the tread,” says Captain Bosman.

So far, the tires are rising to the patrol standards.

“The all-weather rating that they come with makes them just soft enough that they can get a little more traction on that snow and ice, but also strong enough that they can hold up in the summer and on the pavement,” Captain Bosman explains.

Plus, the tires spark community engagement and connection between residents with agriculture ties and law enforcement officials.

Captain Bosman says, “That’s probably the biggest benefit overall, regardless of the make or model, or life of the tread, is that we feel the benefit of giving back to the South Dakota soybean farmers in the state that are working hard. Year in, year out, they’re in the same weather conditions we are, and for a positive outcome and we can help with those crop prices by giving a place to sell their beans to.”

Captain Bosman says Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office plans to keep the partnership going for years to come.

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