The Summer We Never Had: Sunshine reigns through Thursday

Storms should hold off until later this week, but until then we're looking at a very Summer like couple of days on tap

  • This forecast will be short and sweet, given a that the jet stream will be lifting and providing us with ample dry conditions and plenty of sunshine over the next couple days
  • Tuesday will feature temperatures in the 70s for the most part, with a few lucky ones getting to the low 80s
  • You’ll notice the air will be noticeably drier today, thanks in part to our Northerly breeze

  • Hot Springs may be the warmest spot in our area today, followed by areas just to our East in Philip and Pierre.
  • Winds will shift overnight to a more southerly draw, that’ll quickly bring back moisture and heat into our area for Wednesday

  • Wednesday will see temperatures in the 80s, and possibly lower 90s once again much like Monday.
  • Difference being our humidity levels won’t have much time to recharge like it did this last weekend, a quick dry front will move in Wednesday evening and knock things down a bit.
  • Thursday will feature 80s once again, with drier air in place to boot

  • Once we get to Friday it all falls apart, the Jet stream plunges back South and brings with it the winds of change once again
  • With that change will come the chance for thunderstorms, particularly Friday evening going into Saturday
  • Saturday and Sunday will both be cooler, with chances for afternoon thunderstorms
  • Sunday night will be interesting, as the Black Hills region will get upper-cut by the advancing jet stream, pretty hard.
  • We’ll watch it with interest…

Dorian will miss Florida by a stones throw, but not necessarily the impacts. Storm surge does not immediately go away after winds go slightly down. May I remind the public that the difference between a catastrophic category 5 hurricane and a major category 3 is the difference between the getting hit in the face with a crowbar, and improving to a cement block. The Northwest Bahamas have been devastated, if that’s even a strong enough word for it. More than 50% of the island is in the ocean, where peoples homes, lives and communities once stood. If you want to help, make sure you are providing your resources to well respected and recognized groups as there will be, unfortunately, ALOT of fake charities set up alongside the real ones. Donating items always helps, but there is no substitute for cash in a situation like this where time makes all the difference. Items need to be handled, boxed, shipped, received, unloaded, and distributed which can add up to some large expenses. Cash allows items that are immediately needed to be purchased, like medicine, food, water, and temporary shelter. If not for the Bahamas, there’s a good possibility Dorian could have made it to the Florida coast. Let’s keep those folks in our thoughts as we move forward with our week. – Brant

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