The snow is here! What to expect for weather in the next 12 hours for the Black Hills area

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The anticipated snow has started! This is the first series of snow that will hit the Black Hills. Rapid City is already experiencing icy road conditions. Be extra cautious on the 5:00 p.m. drive home.

Chief Meteorologist Emeritus Bob Riggio says the second series is expected to move across the Black Hills Wednesday and Thursday leaving in its wake as much as a foot of snow on the ground in some areas. One main concern with this system, besides the heavy snow, is that travel conditions will be difficult or impossible. Blowing snow will cause visibility to be zero or near zero. Roads are expected to be slippery and extra caution will be needed. Look for winds to gust up to 50-55 mph especially out in the plains.

Sectors of I-90 may close on Wednesday as well as other major highways. Please check SDDOT before traveling and travel only if you must.

Pictures from around the Black Hills area:

As the system dissipates, a slow warming trend will begin on Thursday. Temperatures will climb slowly from the 20s to 30s to 40s by the weekend. The skies will be partly cloudy and mostly sunny into the weekend. The system is expected to move out of the area early Thursday morning with clouds expected to break up during the afternoon hours.

This Winter Storm Warning map below explains the duration, location, and impact of the storm across the region.

Weather Warning Graphic

How much snow will you get?

Snow Potential

To make sure you’re up to date on all of the most current weather information, download the NewsCenter1 weather app for iOS and Android. For an updated list of closings in the area click here.

Stay safe, be smart, and stay warm and send us your snow photos here!

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