The Salvation Army of the Black Hills extends help to Ukraine

RAPID CITY, S.D.- The Salvation Army helps people around the world in times of crisis, especially now in Ukraine, and the Salvation Army of the Black Hills is a part of these efforts.

Global initiatives are bringing Salvation Army services onto and below the streets of Ukraine, as homes and offices are destroyed and citizens lose access to basic needs.

“When folks are you know, if their buildings are bombed, they’re devastated, they have nothing. They have no clothes, they have no food, no water. Some of the things that we just take for granted, basic human needs are pretty significant issues,” says Maj. Jerry O’Neil, Salvation Army Black Hills Area Coordinator. “So that’s, I know, the biggest situation right now. And, you know, long term, obviously, there’s going to be some rebuilding and things like that.”

If you’d like to donate specifically to the Salvation Army’s efforts in Ukraine, you can text “Ukraine” to 52000 or click here to place an online donation.

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