The Polar Empire Strikes Back: Warm Saturday, Snow Sunday.

Another sharp cold front will plummet temperatures Sunday and Monday, bringing with it accumulating snow and more winter conditions

  • Where was this in October? Temperatures are expected to reach the 50s and 60s across the region today with plenty of sunshine
  • A few gusty westerly winds could mix to the surface, with the higher elevations seeing more of those 30 mph wind gusts than the lower plains (imagine that?)
  • Warm air moving into the region at lower elevations will keep most breezy conditions to the higher elevations

  • After a calm and clear evening, Saturday will bounce right back into the 50s and even mid 60s in some cases
  • The morning will be sunny, dry and very nice
  • A cold front, however, will push through the region during the afternoon hours and bring some gusty winds through the region, perhaps 30-35 mph gusts
  • This will be a dry front, the vanguard of something more coming later in the evening.
  • Thankfully most precipitation should hold off until Late Saturday/Early Sunday morning

  • By about midnight, the communities of Ekalaka, Buffalo and Bison will start seeing precipitation moving through, possibly starting out as freezing rain, sleet, and other mixtures
  • This will quickly transition to all snow, settling in as a large band of light to moderate snow going into Sunday morning.

  • Areas along I-90 and South may not see precipitation until early to possibly mid-morning Sunday.
  • Dry air at the surface will mean that just above our heads, it may be snowing but it may take quite some time before the lower elevations are saturated enough to allow precipitation to reach the ground.
  • This means the higher elevations of the Black Hills could see impacts earlier than lower elevations – perhaps early Sunday morning before the sun rises.

  • By Lunch and the 3 PM hour, the I-90 corridor and even areas South will start seeing impacts from this system.
  • Blowing snow, and moderate to even a few heavy snow bands will set up across the region.
  • Visibility could be an issue, and slick roads are expected as temperatures are expected to drop throughout the day – much like Wednesday when roads became very icy even without large accumulations.

  • By Sunday evening things will be wrapping up accumulation wise, but slick roads and a few areas of blowing snow will still be possible
  • If you have travel plans, be sure to check in with the forecast before heading out the door, snow bands have a way of being very stubborn in the hills – so some isolated areas could still be seeing impacts.

  • These number will change and i’m not happy with them, but a distinct picture is beginning to form about where the heavier spots look to land on Sunday
  • Areas North of I-90 look to see the higher accumulations in South Dakota – I think 2″-5″ is an appropriate estimation for now.
  • Northeast Wyoming and areas along and South of I-90 will likely have dry air at the surface, impeding progress of the more aggressive snow bands – I’ve put 1″-3″ to maybe 2″-4″ along the I-90 corridor with 1″-3″ South of I-90 generally.

  • All in all, Friday and Saturday look great, Sunday not so great.
  • Monday is going to be dry, but very cold. If you have plans for Veterans Day, make sure it involves warm clothes!


We just can’t seem to kick winter can we? Let’s enjoy the next couple of days before Winter comes knocking once again. If you have travel plans, leaving before Sunday may be your best bet – but if you have plans Sunday you MAY be able to get away with leaving a little early before everything comes through. Areas North of the Black Hills will have snow bands moving through before sunrise, but could hold off for Rapid City until mid morning, maybe even late morning if dry air hold on long enough. Snow looks to be ending outright by Monday morning, but bitterly cold temperatures will hang around for Veterans Day. NO reason you can’t still go out and enjoy the Veterans Day Parade, as winds will be calm and a good coat, hats and gloves should be more than sufficient to keep warm & enjoy yourself – grab a hot drink on your way out! got another system on Wednesday, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Lows could be in the negatives Monday night, so bundle up! Thanks for trusting us with your forecast, we know its important! Be safe out there – Brant

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