The Monument to donate 5K seats to Central States Fair; supply chain issues begin to affect concessions

RAPID CITY, S.D. — We’re all familiar with supply chain issues and employment struggles, and The Monument is no exception.

The Monument’s Executive Director, Craig Baltzer, says their expenses are going up. The new Summit Arena has only been open for a few months, so Baltzer says its impact on their overall budget isn’t well-established yet.

The Monument Cancellations 1At the concession stand, fan-favorites like soft pretzels are unavailable since the Major League Baseball season started, and Baltzer says when they can get them again, their cost will reflect that shortage.

“The cost of doing business for food and beverage is 40% up from a year ago, and still going up,” Baltzer says. “Where’s the end of that?”

Baltzer says they re-evaluate their concession prices regularly, comparing locally, regionally, and even nationally. The question everyone is waiting to answer is just how long will these supply chain issues persist.

Also, in a cost-saving, so-called “win-win” endeavor, The Monument is also donating more than five-thousand seats from the old Barnett Arena to the Central States Fairgrounds.

Baltzer says the cost of removal would be much higher than any potential proceeds from selling the seats.

“They’re going to be acquiring some seats that they need, and they’re going to do the removal, so we don’t have to go through the cost of removal,” Baltzer says. “That allows us to then maybe in the stadia in there, build some additional storage areas and things like that.”

Under the agreement, the Central States Fairgrounds will remove the seats – at their own cost and with The Monument’s supervision – for use in the James Kjerstad Event Center.

The contract says the Central States Fairgrounds should have the seats removed by October 1, working around The Monument’s event schedule.

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