The Mayor’s Challenge

'Pony up' to help the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The checks are rolling into Mayor Steve Allender’s office after he called on the community to help make up a $70,000 budget cut to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.

Allender said the funding could be restored if every adult in the city donated $1.27. After telling residents to “pony up,” people began dropping off checks for amounts greater than that. It’s now called “The Mayor’s Challenge.”

Some took offense to the call for money, but Allender says he’s glad he did it, because it means the community is paying attention.

“This community has the potential to do great things. I  think it would not be surprising if this community turns this $1.27 challenge into a quarter-million-dollar campaign.”

So far, the mayor has received about 20 checks.

In addition to sending money to the mayor’s office, you can donate directly to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission at 30 Main St.

Budget time can be diffucult. Last week I was taking heat for a budget reduction to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission. A…

Posted by Mayor Steve Allender on Monday, September 24, 2018

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