The Mammoth Site welcomes a temporary exhibit, “Bison”

The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs is hosting a traveling "Bison" exhibit, which fits into their educational component.

Travel back in time to the late Ice Age.

“We have the largest concentration of Colombian mammoths in the world, and along with over 80 other species and so this gives them an opportunity to see what a dig site looks like. We are active and so we do research and we actively dig during the summer months and so they have the opportunity to see that, so it’s science happening live in front of you,” says Bethany Cook, Public Relations Coordinator for The Mammoth Site.

The Mammoth Site "Bison Exhibit", Courtesy FB

The Mammoth Site “Bison Exhibit”, Courtesy Facebook

The new, temporary exhibit, “Bison” explores the past, present, and future of this North American mammal. The exhibit is on loan from The National Buffalo Foundation.

It tells the history of the animal how bison are an essential part of the past and important to today’s economy.

Jim Mead, Museum Director of Research, says, “South Dakota has more bison ranches and farms than any other state in the union, so bison are really important to our economy. And we need to get that out and there is a lot here, with the bison exhibit, you are going to learn a lot.”

The Mammoth Site "Bison Exhibit", Courtesy FB

The Mammoth Site “Bison Exhibit”, Courtesy Facebook

Mammoth site scientists are actively researching to understand bison evolution through time and their significance on our lives today.

Sharon Holte, Museum Director of Education, says, “Our research just really kind of expands the entire ice age, so bison is one way of us diving into something that is a little bit different flavor but still within the realm of what we are interested in here at the site. And so the Minnesota Snake River Fossil Site is really important, because it’s a great way for us to share the larger community and then having this traveling bison exhibit is a great way to kind of show how it bridges into economy today and dealing with everything today in the ranching community.”

The exhibit fits in with the museum mission of both research and education.

The Mammoth Site "Bison Exhibit", Courtesy FB

The Mammoth Site “Bison Exhibit”, Courtesy Facebook

“Bison are considered, if its a public herd, it’s considered wildlife, if it’s in your ranch, it’s now livestock. There are few animals that do that, so we are capitalizing on that, we are kind of a center post pivot for the study of bison in that sense of looking at the ancient, today and into the future, ” says Mead.

The bison exhibit will be available until mid-February and in included in the admission price. Click here for more information on the “Bison” exhibit.

If you bring a new toy for the holiday you drive, you will receive a free child admission (November 29-December 20).

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