The Journey Museum will provide a virtual tour of the museum to the public

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Like other attractions, the Journey Museum has seen a drop in visitors during the pandemic. And like other attractions the Journey has been forced to come up with alternative was to keep customers coming back for more.

The Journey Museum was closed for 103 days during the COVID-19 pandemic and when they re-opened their doors they also opened back up with a virtual option. The virtual tour guides guests through sections of the museum giving people the option to see the Journey without having to leave their homes.

“Some people are still hesitant to come out in public and we respect that” said Troy Kilpatrick, executive director for the Journey Museum. “We’re trying to make it easier for to be able to help support us if they are uncomfortable coming to the museum itself. So we are just trying to make it so they can help support us and we really do need everybodies support to make it through 2020, so nobody had a play-book for this year.”

The Journey Museum recently received $20,000 from a South Dakota Humanities Council Cares Act Grant. This will help the museum come up with a strategy to keep guests involved in new ways.

“Were gonna reinvent ourselves, we’ve learned how to do journey into space which is a program that we do in our theater. We’ve learned how to do it through ZOOM and you are gonna see all kinds of little endeavors coming forward this fall. Here, I use the word reinvent cause we are still an education place we are just delivering content in a different way.” Said Kilpatrick.

The Journey Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

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