The Journey Museum offering virtual online tours

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It’s been 60 days since The Journey Museum has been closed, but now it’s going to start offering virtual online tours.

The tour costs $12 and it lasts 45-minutes with 19 stops, highlighting the journey’s most popular exhibits.

You can find the history of The 1972 Flood, look at dinosaur bones, and much more.

The Journey Museum’s Executive Director, Troy Kilpatrick, says the virtual tour is a good way to get people involved in the community, while remaining socially distant.

“There is a lot of people who aren’t comfortable yet going out in the public and being around groups and doing those things,” says Kilpatrick. “That doesn’t’ mean they don’t want to do things, doesn’t mean they don’t want to experience or learn things and so I think we have an opportunity at The Journey (Museum) to really push that envelope if we can be creative.”

When you purchase an online tour, you will receive a voucher to come back to the museum in person once it is opened back up to the public.

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