The holidays aren’t always happy for everyone – how a tree helps local single mothers

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The holidays hold special places in most hearts, but for some, they emphasize the things that are missing in families. Being a single mom is an incredible challenge, and holidays like Christmas can become more of a concern than celebration.

Sue McCormick is a single mom and owner of O & A Farmhouse in downtown Rapid City. This year, she took it upon herself to be the support that she once needed.

“I was visiting with the team here at O & A and said ‘what can we do to give back to the community this year?’ and we know that there’s several Angel Trees all around Rapid City and the Black Hills community,” she explains. “And so we said ‘let’s do a Single Mom Tree!'”

Angel ornaments on the tree introduce shoppers to the special moms in the community who would be extra grateful for a helping hand this season.

“Each name that’s on the tree is about a single mom,” McCormick adds. “There’s a story about her and a little wish list about what she wants for Christmas.”

Names are provided by Youth and Family Services, and 50 have already been taken from the tree, but Sue hopes to reach 100 by the time she collects all of the gifts on December 16.

Reggan Spielmann was shopping with her mom and picked out a couple of names from the tree. “I just think its a really cool idea to help these single mothers and it’ kind of our way to give back to our own community,” she says. 

Angel Tree to Support Single MothersThe busyness of the holiday season often prevents moms from taking care of themselves, since they’re so focused on those around them.

“They don’t do as much for themselves as they should, so this is a great way to give back to them and give them something special for Christmas,” says McCormick.

You can help support this cause by stopping at the Single Mom Tree at O & A Farmhouse. Don’t forget to offer some extra cheer when you can, because your smile could be the one that turns someone’s tough season around.

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