The Heat Dome: Humidity and temperatures on the rise

High pressure may keep the rain away, but it doesn't necessarily keep moisture away

  • Today is setting up to be warmer, and more humid than yesterday.
  • Mid 80’s are likely, with a chance for an isolated thunderstorm in the hills
  • Thunderstorm activity will rely heavily on whether or not the “cap” is broken. Much like a cork on a champagne bottle, any thunderstorm that does manage to pop off could be strong, with plenty of moisture and dynamics available.

  • Thunderstorm activity has dropped off due to an area of High Pressure
  • This promotes sinking air, and “capped” environments that prevent thunderstorm environments (unless of course a storm manages to break said cap!”
  • Wednesday we will be transitioning out of this stout ridge into more of a flat, zonal pattern.
  • This will encourage some light activity across our area of the next several days.

  • Wednesday afternoon and early evening could feature thunderstorm activity across the Black Hills and eastern foothills.
  • A few of these could be strong, but should remain largely isolated incidences

  • By 8 PM to 12 AM Wednesday night, storm activity will start to push into the plains
  • Some of these storms could also be strong, and we are monitoring that possibility going into Wednesday

There’s going to be many events across the Black Hills over the next couple weeks, and the bottom line is it pays to be prepared. Regardless of what forecasting computer models might say, the weather can surprise even long-time residents in the Hills. It doesn’t take much to get storms going in the higher elevations, so if you’re hiking be sure to reassess the weather situation once it get to be early afternoon, even if the forecast called for sunny skies in Rapid City. Storms operate on a city block by city block basis around here. I know you all will take the necessary precautions! Be safe out there

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