The “Gallantly Forward 2019 Gala” is happening this weekend

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Jerry and Haley Derr from The Sgt Derr Foundation came on to NewsCenter1 Today on Thursday to talk about the foundation and this year’s “Gallantly Forward 2019 Gala”.

The Sgt Derr Foundation was started back  2012 after Sgt Colton Levi Derr committed suicide. He was one of at least 300 soldiers who committed suicide that year. So to honor him, the foundation’s goal is to help soldiers and veterans dealing with issues related to suicide and PTSD.

The gala is happening on Saturday, Oct. 19th, at La Croix Hall inside the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Tickets are $35 each. For more information on this year’s gala or on the foundation, click here.

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